Depression… There is Help!

DepressionDepression is a complex condition, not simply a case of the “blues” or an occasional melancholy. Symptoms are varied and may include: Lack of interest in activities normally enjoyed, increased or decreased appetite, insomnia or sleeping excessively, changes in psychomotor activity, fatigue, tiredness or loss of energy, feelings of low self-worth or excessive guilt, difficulties with concentration or making decisions, thoughts of death, thoughts of suicide, isolation, and withdrawal.

Jennifer came to Cedar House Inc, expressing a lack of energy, focus, interest, and motivation. She said she sleeps poorly and doesn’t feel like eating because not many foods appeal to her. She is tired most of the time and feels like most people are better at everything than she is, so she lets others take advantage of her. She is lonely and rarely goes out of her house and sometimes even thinks about killing herself.


In concert with the guidance of the treating psychiatrist and psychologist, the treatment plan for Jennifer would include activities that will help her to identify her strengths to increase her self esteem, teach her skills to become more assertive in her interactions with others, work with her to develop problem solving and decision making skills, reduce her isolation and develop good sleep habits to increase her energy and focus.


Jennifer was able to regain function, enjoyment, and engagement in life which had been compromised by symptoms of depression.